Taking Note

After publication of The Influence of Teachers: Reflections on Teaching and Leadership, John Merrow used his blog, Taking Note, to reflect on real-world applications of the message within his book. You can read four excerpts from the book here, view John’s beliefs about the influence of Teach for America here, see how the situation regarding unions and Wisconsin governor Scott Walker applies to lessons of Michelle Rhee here, and read an intensely personal portrait of John’s dear friend Fred Rogers here.

Here, John writes of the national reading crisis — 83 percent of low-income students are believed to be behind by third grade, if not sooner — and ties it to his book.

In this entry, John writes about how we need to value teachers more than ever right now.

Merrow will continue blogging twice a week moving forward; the goal of Taking Note is to share stories and ideas regarding education, and oftentimes they will link back to his book — truly, then, serving as reflections on teaching and leadership.